Election Connection

Welcome to Sealaska's Election Connection

This is your one-stop destination to find everything you need to know about how to vote the 2017 proxy.

We encourage you to vote online through MySealaska this year. Voting online is fast, easy and secure, and helps Sealaska move toward environmental goals to reduce paper cost and waste.

This proxy statement contains instructions and information about how to vote your proxy. Be sure to read all the information carefully, and if you have any questions, please call the Corporate Secretary at 907.586.1512 or toll-free at 1.800.848.5921. You can also send an email to corpsec@sealaska.com. Sealaska has also sent one annual report to each shareholder household. If you would like additional copies of the annual report or have questions, please contact the Sealaska Communications Department at 907.586.1512, or send an email to electioninfo@sealaska.com

Choose What Way You Would Like to Vote

As a Sealaska shareholder, you have the following choices in completing your proxy:

  • Vote Discretionary - If you check this box, you will cast all your votes for the Board of Directors’ nominees. You will sign over your votes to the Board, and the proxy holders appointed by the Board will allocate them by selective cumulation at their discretion among the nominees on the Board’s slate to elect as many of the Board’s nominees as possible. A proxy that is signed but not marked will be voted for Board slate nominees. You can withhold votes for one or more individual Board nominees by drawing a line through their name where it is printed on the proxy.
  • Vote Directed - If you check this box, you may cast a specific number of votes for one or more nominees listed on the proxy, either Board or independent nominees, or for an individual whom you write in. Because of cumulative voting, you have the number of votes equal to the number of voting shares you own, times four (4), the number of directors to be elected at this annual meeting. The election bylaws require that directed votes go only to the nominee(s) you have indicated, even if those nominees later withdraw, and may not be redirected to another candidate. Vote for no more than four (4) nominees.
  • Quorum Only - If you check this box, your votes will be counted for the purpose of achieving quorum for the annual meeting ONLY. No director candidate will receive any of your votes.