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SEALASKA ENGINEERING & APPLIED SCIENCES, LLC (SEAS) is a subsidiary of Sealaska Government Services, an Alaskan Native Corporation providing aquatic environmental, ocean and coastal consulting services to domestic and international clients. SEAS personnel, with a combined experience of over 25 years, have applied scientifically rigorous, unique and innovative tools to solve clients’ needs.

SEAS is a participant in good standing with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and is in the process of applying for 8(a) certification. Although a small business, SEAS’s experienced personnel provide a wide array of expertise, from laboratory and field data collection, including acoustic, optical, mechanical and electromagnetic methods, to coastal engineering. SEAS’s inland waterway, estuarine and coastal process expertise includes hydrodynamic, geomorphologic and hydraulic modeling; watershed and sedimentation process impact studies; coastal damage and performance evaluation (e.g. jetties and breakwaters); beach nourishment change analysis; and shoreline protection (revetment and dune) restoration and rehabilitation projects. Our staff have decades of experience analyzing inland waterway, nearshore and estuarine processes and correlating them to sediment and shoreline morphology. SEAS’s sediment transport capabilities are comprised of personnel with over 25 years combined experience in state-of-the-science instrumentation, analysis and modeling techniques. These capabilities include a full suite of instrumentation and personnel to conduct all aspects of field and modeling studies. Furthermore, our familiarity with hydrographic and geophysical surveying data collection, techniques and results provides the capability of offering comprehensive, in-house project completion ability (start to finish). The SEAS key personnel have been successfully completing projects of the same nature for over 25 years combined.

Personnel at SEAS also remain active in the scientific and engineering community by donating time to academic research and assisting in the development of innovative tools and techniques in inland waterways, estuaries, ocean and applied sciences (e.g. 3D data analysis and drone surveying). Recently, research activities include work with NOAA Fisheries, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and University of Miami. The continued research and development helps to ensure SEAS continues to offer clients specialized expertise in all aquatic arenas.

An example of the research that SEAS has lead is the development of three-dimensional ultra-high resolution mapping technique. This newly created mapping technique produced a three-dimensional photomontage of two of the Sparrowhawk biplanes amidst the wreckage of the USS Macon (a U.S. Naval Heritage archaeological site) in waters offshore central California. The image and three-dimensional maps were created by Ken Israel, General Manager of SEAS, using still images taken by MBARI’s remotely operated vehicle Tiburon in 2006.

General Manager - Ken Israel
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