Alaska Coastal Aggregates

Who We Are
Alaska Coastal Aggregates (ACA) provides vast quantities of quality construction aggregate materials that underlie projects around Southeast Alaska from roads to airport runways, ports to harbor developments. 
ACA is grounded in the rich natural resource base of Sealaska and managed under the purview of Haa Aani, LLC, given its village and regional focus. 
What We Do 
ACA is a premier supplier of construction aggregates materials (sand, rock, gravel) for state, federal and municipal projects in Southeast Alaska. 
ACA was founded in May 2002 and became Sealaska’s first business to be certified as an 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business under the U.S. Small Business Administration.  At the same time, ACA attained its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification through the state of Alaska, which positions ACA to gain strategic partners in municipal, state and federal projects.  
Though ACA has graduated from the 8(a) program, it maintains its DBE status, and works continuously to oversee active extraction sites throughout the region, build strategic partnerships for the development of Sealaska’s construction aggregates resources, and work directly within communities to assist in developing capital improvement project opportunities.  
How We Do It
We are provided direct access to Sealaska’s 560,000 acres of subsurface estate endowed with large deposits of construction-grade aggregate. While ACA does not engage directly in the development of Sealaska’s subsurface estate, we pursue and manage strategic partnerships for the development of these resources in order to serve projects in Southeast Alaska communities. 
We continually pursue strategic partnerships to bring more economic development to rural communities in Southeast Alaska. Entering into partnerships with other Native entities is just one way we do that. An example of this is our development of a successful gravel aggregate business in partnership with ANCSA village corporation Yak-Tat Kwaan by brokering a unique partnership where the land assets of both the regional corporation and the village corporation are used to bring sand, rock and gravel to market. 
Why We Do It 
Our history as a company derives from over 35 years of resource and environmental stewardship on 290,000 ancestral acres in Southeast Alaska, land our parent company Sealaska received after the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act in 1971. 
The entire reason Sealaska and its subsidiaries exist is to create economic opportunities and stability for our Alaska Native shareholders. Our earnings have a direct positive impact on the lives of the more than 22,000 Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people of Southeast Alaska who own Sealaska. 


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Alaska Coastal Aggregates
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General Manager: Bill Bennett