Shareholder Employment Policy

Sealaska has two major policies regarding shareholder jobs and opportunities:
Shareholder Preference
Sealaska's policy promotes direct employment opportunities for shareholders by providing preference to Sealaska shareholders, descendants and spouses.
When a shareholder candidate meets the qualifications stated in the position description for a position being recruited, the shareholder will be given preference over all other non-shareholder candidates with the same qualifications.
Shareholder Economic Opportunities
Sealaska's policy promotes utilization of shareholder-owned and shareholder-descendant-owned companies and professionals within the corporate headquarters and
subsidiary companies.
It is Sealaska's policy to advocate for and provide preference for utilization of shareholder-owned and shareholder-descendant-owned companies and professionals, and other ANCSA corporations that meet the business standards of Sealaska and demonstrate a record of shareholder or shareholder-descendant employment.
Sealaska subsidiaries are required to institute an aggressive effort to ensure that preference is given to businesses that meet Sealaska's standards in accordance with the above priority.
Management is required to carry out these policies and report regularly to the Board of Directors.