Alaska Womens Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Since 2009, Alaska women who have been involved in shaping Alaska have been profiled and honored. Each year since then, women like Elizabeth Peratrovich, Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Marlene Johnson and Ethel Lund have been recognized for their work and efforts that benefit the state.

The Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame Class of 2014 includes Gertrude M. Wolfe (Tlingit) and Janie Leask (Tsimshian). Gertrude “Trudy” M. Wolfe is recognized posthumously for her achievement in health care and education. Read more about Trudy’s achievements. Janie Leask is recognized for her achievement in Alaska Native leadership and community building. Read more about Janie’s achievements. We applaud the entire Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame Class of 2014!

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