Facts About Discretionary Voting

Sealaska values the input of our shareholders. We understand that ongoing conversations about the value and fairness of discretionary voting has raised important questions, but we urge you to consider the ways that discretionary voting has provided an important way for shareholders to have a voice in the future of Sealaska.


Facts About Discretionary Voting

Discretionary voting is a common practice used by Sealaska and six other ANCSA regional corporations.

Most shareholders support discretionary voting. Shareholders have voted down measures to limit or change discretionary voting five times.

Independent candidates can benefit from discretionary voting. Independent candidates who form a slate can include discretionary voting as an option on their proxy.

Independent candidates have the option to be included on Sealaska’s official proxy. Inclusion on the proxy is provided at no cost for all candidates. Candidates not endorsed by the board are not required to produce an independent proxy.

Discretionary voting does not prevent independent candidates from being elected. Four current directors were elected to the board as independent candidates.

Learn more at Election Connection.

The deadline to vote is 5 PM on Thursday June 26th, 2014.

Meeting Information

Voting from the floor of the annual meeting begins at 10:00 am. To vote in person at the annual meeting, you must register for a ballot with the Inspectors of Election and Voting by 2:00 pm. Voting from the floor of the annual meeting closes at 2:30 pm. Your ballot must be turned in by that time. If you already submitted a proxy by mail or fax, you do not need to vote in person at the meeting.

If you vote today, it will cancel any prior proxy and only today’s vote will count. Only one proxy incentive is paid per voting shareholder.

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