Sealaska Endorses Unity Ticket - Walker and Mallott

The Sealaska board of directors endorses Bill Walker for governor and Byron Mallott for lieutenant governor, calling it a historic and unprecedented time in Alaska politics.

“This is a monumental decision for Alaska, and our board believes the Walker-Mallott unity ticket will work for the betterment of the state and on issues of great importance to Alaskans,” said Rosita Worl, chair of the Sealaska Election Committee.

“They are a formidable and winning team, and we are excited that the leaders of tomorrow are willing to put political parties aside to work for the good of all Alaskans,” said Worl. “Through the new unity ticket Sealaska believes the state administration will have a significant impact on issues such as Native policy, education, fiscal policy and much more.”

The Sealaska board earlier endorsed Mallott during his run for governor because of his support of issues of importance to Sealaska, the Southeast region and to Alaska Natives. “Mallott and Walker joined forces earlier this month, and the board believes they can win and be of great service to the state,” said Sealaska Chair Joe Nelson.

“We believe they are aligned on many issues of importance to Alaska Natives,” Nelson said. “Walker and Mallott have committed to exploring cooperative management opportunities with tribal organizations. They have also vowed to continue to develop cooperative relationships with Alaska Native institutions.”

Sealaska understands that an independent expenditure to a Political Action Committee supporting Mallott will now also benefit the Walker candidacy. This aligns with the updated Sealaska endorsement.

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