Sealaska Pres. and CEO Addresses Grand Camp

Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott was invited to address Alaska Native Brotherhood / Sisterhood (ANB / ANS) Grand Camp convention.

This was the 102nd annual convention for ANB. The ANS formed in 1926 as an auxiliary of the ANB. 

Delegates worked around the theme Haa Aaní (our Land), and Haa Shuká (Our Future).

Grand Camp was held October 8 – 11, 2014 in Petersburg, AK.

Excerpts from Mallott’s presentation

In 1987 Sealaska created a $500k endowment for the ANB/ANS as a symbol of its incredible accomplishments on behalf of Native people. Along with the additional contributions to individual ANB Camps we have provided, Sealaska hopes we’ve created a meaningful contribution to help continue the mission of the group.

The greatest economic legacy of Sealaska has been its timber-harvesting program that is over 40 years old.  We’ve shared over $300 million within the Native corporation 7i system from timber, which has helped many ANC’s weather tough economic conditions.

Our minerals initiative, while looking for mineral development projects, also has a focus on building service-based jobs within Southeast around the mining industry. 

All of these entities have connections and projects throughout southeast. They also have many different partners they work with throughout southeast.  I strongly believe if these teams work together in a coordinated manner that focuses efforts on priority areas, they will have more economic impact in our region than if they work separately. 

Hear Anthony Mallott’s full presentation

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