Former Intern Rigel Shaw

As an administrative assistant intern for Sealaska Environmental Services, I was able to support the development of a company that had just started in 2003. I helped develop several of the basic company policies and operating procedures that are still implemented today. I was able to utilize the material that was covered within my first higher level business degree classes at Saint Martin’s for the benefit of a small business."

Name and/or Native Name: Rigel “Shining Star” Shaw
Tribe/Moiety/Clan: Tlingit, Eagle Thunderbird
Internship Placement(s) and Year(s): 2007 (Sealaska Environmental Services)
Educational Background: Saint Martin’s University, Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration & Business Marketing, 2008
Current Profession: Subcontract Administrator/Business Development Associate with Sealaska Environmental Services

"I learned the importance of accountability and teamwork in a very different way than I had before because I could finally start to see how Project Management, Accounting, Human Resources, and Marketing all directly impacts the other within a company. If it wasn’t for this internship, I would have had limited real world business experience, which has proven to be invaluable compared to the knowledge one can gain from text books or lectures.”

Sealaska is proud to offer the Summer Internship Program. This program is designed to provide professional experience to Sealaska shareholders and descendants and expose participants to the operations of Sealaska and its subsidiaries. Interns will support the functions and mission of their assigned department or subsidiary. Sealaska interns are excellent communicators with a proven ability and genuine excitement for Sealaska’s vision. Interns are offered competitive compensation, travel expenses and housing support.

The 2015 Internship application is now available here.

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