Former Intern Anthony Mallott

“Interning for Rob Johnson and Phil Truit in the Information Technology Department, I gained a strong respect for the knowledge and service orientation an IT department has to have to manage a well-run department that benefits everybody through greater workplace efficiency.  The little I learned about DOS prompt and installing new motherboards won’t get me far within our current IT department, but I do know the hard work it takes our team to keep everything running smoothly." 

"My internship with the Investments Department actually changed my career focus. Analyzing investment opportunities and assessing the risk/reward choices necessary when managing an investment portfolio was very intriguing to me and when I got back to college for my senior year I changed my degree focus more toward the finance field.  When I graduated I applied for many finance positions and luckily got a great job with Bank of America where I spent the first 10 years of my career on a trading floor learning many different aspects of the investment world.  Both summers spent with Sealaska were fun and I made lifelong friendships with other interns and Sealaska employees, while also gaining an understanding of the deep commitment Sealaska has to its mission to strengthening its people, culture and homelands.”
Name: Anthony “Gunnuk” Mallott
Moiety/Clan: Tlingit, Eagle Killerwhale and Koyukon Athabascan, Caribou Clan
Internship Placement(s) and Year(s): 1990 (IT Department) & 1991 (Investments Department) 

Educational Background: Stanford University, Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering
Current Profession: President and CEO of Sealaska

Sealaska is proud to offer the Summer Internship Program. This program is designed to provide professional experience to Sealaska shareholders and descendants and expose participants to the operations of Sealaska and subsidiaries. Interns will support the functions and mission of their assigned department or subsidiary. Sealaska interns are excellent communicators with a proven ability, and genuine excitement, for Sealaska’s vision. Interns are offered competitive compensation, travel expenses and housing support.

The 2015 Internship application is now available here.
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