Sealaska Board Announces Spring Distribution

On April 3, 2015, Sealaska directors approved a shareholder distribution totaling $12.9 million. Sealaska has paid out approximately $553.5 million in total dividends to its shareholders since inception. This is the fortieth consecutive year Sealaska has issued dividends to its shareholders. Sealaska is the largest Alaska Native Corporation at more than 21,600 shareholders, with many still calling Southeast Alaska home.

“The distribution is important because it is a cash influx into communities where they need it the most,” said Sealaska Chair Joe Nelson. “The Marjorie V. Young Shareholder Permanent Fund is operating as designed, providing consistent payments for our shareholders. Our goal is to continue to grow the fund as well as the profits from operations so shareholders will receive meaningful dividends in the future.”

Sealaska shareholders receive distributions from three sources:
    •    Operations (up to 35 percent of consolidated earnings, minus earnings associated with shareholder fund, averaged over five years)
    •    Marjorie V. Young Shareholder Permanent Fund (up to 4 percent of the fund averaged over five years)
    •    ANCSA Section 7(i) and 7(j)

Sealaska continues to recover from the 2013 financial loss,” said Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott. “We are confident that the significant improvement in financial performance will lead to greater progress, as we remain disciplined and follow our strategic plan toward financial stability.”

Distribution and Stock Type         
Type of Stock                                                        Per Share                   $ Amount Per 100 Shares

Non-Elder Urban and At-Large Shareholders          $7.58                        $758

Elder Urban and At-Large Shareholders                  $8.87                         $887

Non-Elder Village and Leftout Shareholders            $1.29                        $129

Elder Village and Leftout Shareholder                      $2.58                        $258

Descendant Shareholders                                         $1.29                        $129

Distribution Source

  • Permanent Fund $0.79 per share
  • Operations $0.50 per share
  • 7 (j) $6.29 per share

The record date for the April 2015 distribution is April 3, 2015. The distribution will occur on April 13, 2015.

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