Employment Opportunity -- Apply to be an FBI Special Agent

Sealaska posts job opportunities for shareholder employment opportunities.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation requested a recruitment notice for FBI Special Agent. 

Joining the FBI means choosing to excel with an organization of highly talented, ethnically diverse, professional men and women who have a daily impact on the quality of life of all U.S. citizens. If you are ready to accept the challenge, apply now.

Applicants for the Special Agent position must apply through the FBI Field Office covering their residence, place of education, and/or place of employment.

The posting closes on April 30, 2015. The FBI has removed the full time work experience requirement for the following degrees:  Computer Science, Information Technology, Juris Doctorate, and Accounting (CPAs only).  Special Agent Michele Lakey with the Anchorage FBI office says persons with these degrees/certification are not required to have work experience prior to applying.  For all other Bachelor’s degrees, we require 3 years full time work experience.  For Master’s and Doctorate level degrees, we require 2 years full time work experience (except Juris Doctorates).

Apply now click here.

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