Michael Faber Reinstated as Sealaska Shareholder After 40 Years

Michael Faber enrolled as an original Sealaska shareholder in 1971. He enrolled with his father, Clyde, sister and brothers, who are all from Metlakatla. During this time, Faber was serving in the U.S. Army. He served from 1966–1978.

In 1975, Faber noticed that although his family received a Sealaska shareholder distribution payment, he did not. After searching for answers, he learned the Bureau of Indian Affairs had removed his name from the Sealaska rolls and placed him in the rolls of the 13th Regional Native Corporation.

Paperwork to opt out of the 13th came to Faber when he was in the hospital, recovering from severe burns to his body. During his 19-month recovery, Faber did not forget about his goal to be considered a Sealaska shareholder once again.

A bill introduced by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski allowed Faber to re-enroll as a Sealaska shareholder. The bill was attached to the land legislation that finalized Sealaska’s ANCSA land entitlement in December 2014. In March 2015, Faber was again an official Sealaska shareholder. Welcome to Sealaska, Mr. Faber!

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