Sealaska Celebrates Native Lands at 2015 Annual Meeting

More than 550 Sealaska shareholders gathered at Centennial Hall to hear from Sealaska’s leadership, and approximately 2,000 joined the meeting from all over the country through Sealaska’s webcast.

The meeting included an update on Sealaska’s financial performance and a report on the company’s progress toward the strategic plan. Corporate officers also held a panel discussion on Sealaska’s strategies to regarding public policy advocacy, acquisition and investment processes and government contracting.

Sealaska also recognized numerous individuals and organizations that supported the effort to secure its final Native land. Last year Congress passed legislation to return 70,000 acres of land to Sealaska. Guest speakers at the meeting included U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Lt. Governor and Sealaska shareholder Byron Mallott, Congressman Don Young and former U.S. Senator Mark Begich.

“How great to stand here with you and not talk about what we are going to do—how incredible to be here today to finally celebrate your lands,” reflected Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Sealaska shareholders elected five directors for three-year terms. Barbara Cadiente-Nelson, Albert Kookesh, Tate London, Joe Nelson and William “Bill” Thomas were elected to serve as Sealaska directors for terms that expire at the 2018 meeting. There were 1,150,276 shares voted, representing 57.17% of outstanding shares of Sealaska voting stock. This year’s proxy had there no shareholder resolutions.

Directors Joe Nelson and Jackie Pata were reinstated by the Board of Directors as the Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.  The Sealaska officers were also reinstated, including Anthony Mallott, president and chief executive officer; Terry Downes, chief operating officer; Doug Morris, vice president and chief financial officer; Jaeleen Araujo, vice president general counsel and corporate secretary.

“From our youngest dancers to our interns, to our board youth advisors, it is clear that the next generation is present and embraced by our community. I feel a renewed commitment to ensure that Sealaska is an institution we can all be proud of by living our Native values,” said Sealaska Chair Joe Nelson.

“After a year of transformation, we have much to celebrate. With our final land entitlement and improved financials we are in a position to make strong investments that align with our Native values. I feel confident that we are on a path to profitability,” said Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott.

Election Resutls

Albert Kookesh


Barbara Cadiente-Nelson

721, 052

William “Bill” Thomas


Joe Nelson


Tate London


Ralph Wolfe


Karen Ann Taug


Bradley J. Fluetsch


Catherine N. Edwards


Raymond E. Austin



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