A Time for Healing

Goldbelt Heritage Foundation will commemorate the Douglas Indian Village and honor the memory of the descendants of the Douglas Indian Cemetery.

The project is a collaboration with the Douglas Indian Association, Juneau Parks and Recreation and the Juneau School District. The effort will culminate with a proposed plaza at Savikko Park in Douglas; Alaska titled A Time for Healing. Sealaska directors approved a log donation request that will be used for two totem poles, one at the new plaza site and one for the Gastineau Elementary School in Douglas.

Sealaska Log Donations Perpetuate Our Vibrant Culture

Since 1998 Sealaska has donated more than 800 logs from its forested lands to support and advance cultural projects across the region. Regional clans, Native organizations and communities are eligible to request log donations via an application and approval process administered through collaborative effort of Sealaska and Sealaska Heritage Institute.

The donation policy and application forms are available here.

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