Recapping 2016 Sealaska Community Meetings

Learn what was presented at the community meetings. Sealaska meet with shareholders in several communities. The 2016 schedule included eight community meetings and a webcast.

Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott presented a business report reviewing financial performance for 2015. Here are a few excerpts from his presentation:
(1) Net income: $12.0 million
(2) Revenue: $109.4 million

Sealaska has three sources of income:
(1) Businesses
(2) Investments
(3) Natural resource profit sharing under ANCSA Section 7(i)

The short-term goal of our strategic plan is for profits from our businesses to more than cover all of our costs, resulting in two important benefits for Sealaska:
    •    Independence from the volatility of the investment market or ANCSA Section 7(i) income
    •    The ability to use ANCSA Section 7(i) income and investment fund income for business growth and to provide additional benefits to our people, preserve our culture and protect our homelands

Sealaska provided seven handouts showing how we impact communities, culture and people. 

Sealaska’s 2015 Financial Performance
    •    Net income: $12.0 million
    •    Revenue: $109.4 million

Sealaska Strategic Plan Update

Balanced Land Management

Sealaska Shareholder Development

Sealaska Impacts to Communities. Sealaska’s purpose is to strengthen people, culture and homelands. We impact shareholders and communities in many ways. Click on the community below to view impacts:
    •    Juneau
    •    Anchorage / Southcentral
    •    Lynnwood / Washington State
    •    Sitka
    •    Kake
    •    Petersburg
    •    Wrangell
    •    Hydaburg
Sealaska Uplifting Culture
 - Clan leaders, traditional scholars and elders at the first Sealaska Elders Conference conceived Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) in 1980.  Sealaska, holding the responsibility of protecting and strengthening the container of wisdom, formally established SHI.
    •    Read how Sealaska impacts culture

Sealaska advocates for Landless communities and Veterans Allotments
    •    Read more about land advocacy


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