Recapping 2016 Sealaska Annual Meeting

In case you missed the 2016 annual meeting or the results of the meeting here is a recap. You can view videos from the day's proceedings.

2016 Annual Meeting Election Results

Sealaska held its 43rd annual meeting of shareholders on June 25, 2016. Sealaska shareholders elected four directors for three-year terms including Jodi Mitchell, Jackie Johnson Pata, Richard Rinehart and Michael Lee Beasley, whose terms will expire at the 2019 meeting. Approximately 56.2 percent of outstanding shares of Sealaska voting stock participated in the election. Continue reading.

2016 Annual Meeting Video Excerpts

Sealaska was the first ANCSA corporation to webcast its annual meeting. That was 14 years ago and the meeting has been webcast ever since them. As a result, shareholders are able to view the proceedings live. 

Here are key moments from the 2016 annual meeting (video links in red):

  • Welcome Remarks First Vice President, CCTHITA Rob Sanderson
  • Welcome Remarks ANB Grand Camp President Sasha Soboleff
  • Business Presentation - Sealaska reported $12 million in net income for 2015. Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott provided an update on Sealaska’s recent investment in a seafood packaging company, along with information on the company’s progress toward the strategic plan by Sealaska Chief Operating Officer Terry Downes.
  • Natural Resources Panel Discussion - Sealaska has made a lasting positive impact throughout the region, managing its resources and envisioning new economic opportunities, beyond the minute portion of lands it owns. Sealaska board and management’s commitment to operating Sealaska Timber in perpetuity opens the door to a broad range of career paths to support the industry. Sealaska believes a local workforce is  necessary for a sustainable second growth industry.
  • Transition of the Board Youth Advisor - Director Barbara Cadiente-Nelson announced the 2016-2017 Board Youth Advisor (BYA), David Russell-Jensen. This was a historic moment, as it was the first time a BYA delivered their speech in Tlingit. "It's been said that a measure of a people is in how they lift up their children," said Cadiente-Nelson. “David's educational pursuits and speech in Tlingit speaks to the vision of our forebears who foresaw this day. David, as do each of us, has a role in realizing their vision for us and for generations to come."  Read Russell-Jensen’s full speech in English.
  • Closing Remarks Sealaska Director Albert Kookesh

View Images From Annual Meeting

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