2016 Q3 CEO Letter

As part of Sealaska’s 2012 strategic plan we are focused on a short-term goal, that business profit will more than cover all our costs including cultural and community related activities. This will allow investment and ANCSA Section 7(i) income to provide increased shareholder benefit and sustainable business growth. We are making progress and are aiming to reach our goal of profitability before ANCSA Section 7(i) and investment income in 2017.

A significant part of the success created to date and the ability to sustain business improvements into the future is a commitment to operate within relevant industries that address critical issues of water, marine habitat and food. Our plan to invest in businesses that fit with our Native values and knowledge resonates with our shareholders and business partners. This long-term commitment will allow our values to attract quality business opportunities and provide a competitive advantage as we grow existing companies and invest in new ones.

To help define the definition of relevancy is the recent work by Sealaska Constructors. The Sealaska Constructors team is helping salmon return home in the Elwha River located in Olympic National Park. The Elwha ecosystem restoration project hopes to restore what was once a legendary king salmon run. It’s been more than 100 years since salmon returned to their historic habitat. This work resonates with our shareholders, ties us to our cultural values and allows us to benefit from the knowledge and strength of our ancestors. We have other accomplishments to share as well; please see page two for more business updates.

Because of our ANCSA land holdings within our traditional homelands, Haa Aaní, LLC will always be a core, relevant business for Sealaska. Haa Aaní, LLC encompasses all of our land, management and natural resource efforts (see Q2 newsletter). Our commitment within Haa Aaní is to create a balanced land management approach that is lead by our Native values and creates financial, cultural and community benefit from our land. A strategy to operate a smaller scale harvest that will help transition the Southeast Alaska timber industry to a long-term sustainable second growth industry is part of this approach. The Haa Aaní team will always work to increase opportunity from our land and are pursuing additional projects like carbon sequestration, while also focusing efforts on workforce development.

Salmon and our traditional homelands have sustained our families for generations, which drives the relevancy of projects, such as restoring salmon runs and the priorities we are pursuing within Haa Aaní.

Salmon remains a big part of my family’s life from commercial and subsistence fishing to sharing a favorite salmon recipe with family, friends or coworkers. When we honor the lessons passed down to us from our ancestors, whether at work or home, we are ensuring that Native values and knowledge guide our actions.

As always, I hope you will reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Anthony Mallott

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