Landless and Native Veterans Legislative Update

Sealaska advocates on federal and state legislation that impacts shareholders and Southeast Alaska Native communities.

Current efforts include:
•    S. 3273 - Alaska Native Claims Settlement Improvement Act of 2016 (ANCSA technical amendments package) introduced by Senator Lisa Murkowski, July 14, 2016 (combines H.R. 2387, S.872 and other bills into a package). Originally introduced as S. 3004 on May 26, 2016.
•    H.R. 2387 and S. 1955 - Alaska Native Veterans Land Allotment Equity Act introduced by Congressman Don Young in the House and Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski in the Senate (attached to ANCSA technical amendments package).
•    H.R. 2386 and S. 872 - Unrecognized Southeast Alaska Native Communities Recognition and Compensation Act introduced by Congressman Young in the House and Senators Murkowski and Sullivan in the Senate (attached to ANCSA technical amendments package)

Sealaska leadership will continue to advocate for Alaska Native Veterans Allotments and finalizing a settlement for the five unrecognized communities. Senator Murkowski’s ANCSA technical amendments package also includes:
•    Approving a Sealaska land exchange of subsurface acreage under land currently owned by Shee Atiká on Admiralty Island for alternative lands on Prince of Wales Island. Shee Atiká is seeking to sell its surface ownership to the federal government.
•    Amending definitions in the Tribal Forest Protection Act, the National Historic Preservation Act and the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) to allow participation of Native corporations in those programs.
•    Requests the Interior Department Secretary to organize a meeting of the 13th Regional Corporation shareholders.

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