Gain Insight to Sealaska Through a Board Youth Advisor 2017-2018 Term

Sealaska directors annually select a non-voting youth advisor to the board to provide input and gain board membership training as well as gain knowledge of Sealaska’s operations. The Sealaska Board Youth Advisor (BYA) position was established in 2009.
The deadline to submit completed applications, supporting documents, and all required letters of recommendation is March 28, 2017.

At its October 2016 meeting, directors updated and approved requirements that were seen as limiting and potentially disqualifying a number of qualified applicants. The board eliminated the reference to the ANCSA definition of ‘Alaska Native’, which requires ¼ Alaska Native blood quantum. The board compared the BYA requirements to those of the scholarship and internship programs, and opted to remove the requirement, in the best interest of shareholders and Sealaska. This now widens the pool of participants for the Board Youth Advisor position and Sealaska looks forward to including more descendants into its programs. (pictured right is BYA 2015-2016 Barbara Dude)

"My time with the Sealaska Board has been an enriching learning and professional experience," said current Board Youth Advisor David Russell-Jensen. "Being in the board room where strategic decisions are made for the future of our corporation and seeing the unique perspective and genuine dedication to bettering the lives of our people offered by each director firsthand is an amazing opportunity for young shareholders and descendants. Some of my most memorable experiences have been hearing from valued elders at the 2016 Elders and Youth Conference in Fairbanks and being at the table when the Board voted unanimously to open the Youth Advisor position to all shareholders and descendants regardless of blood quantum. I encourage all shareholders and descendants between the ages of 18 and 25 to consider applying for the 2017 Sealaska Board Youth Advisor experience. If you have questions or are interested in hearing more about my time with the Board so far, I am always available at"

Sealaska is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 BYA position. To qualify, an applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age but not older than 25 years of age upon date of submission
  • Be a holder of at least one share of Sealaska Class A, B or C settlement common stock and/or Class D Descendants’ Life Estate Stock of the Corporation
  • Have completed a minimum of two years of college at an accredited community college, junior college, or university; or two years of comparable work experience; or two years of military service.

The deadline to submit completed applications, supporting documents, and all required letters of recommendation is March 28, 2017. (We incorrectly published the wrong date in the Q4 newsletter as March 31, 2017. We apologize for any confusion).  Download and print the application.

Sealaska Board Youth Advisors

2009 – 2010 Megan Gregory

2010 – 2011 Barbara Blake

2011 -- 2012 Ralph Wolfe

2012 -- 2013 Madeline Soboleff-Levy

2013 -- 2014 Alysha Guthrie

2014 -- 2015 Alyssa London         

2015 – 2016 Barbara Dude

2106 – 2017 David Russell-Jensen

2017 – 2018 You!

Qualifications and eligibility requirements are outlined in the application. To be considered for the Board Youth Advisor position, please complete the application and return it with all required documents to Sealaska no later than Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact the Corporate Secretary’s office via email at or call 907.586.1512. You can also reach out to the current Board Youth Advisor, David Russell-Jensen at

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