Compliance and Risk Department Launches Updated Code of Ethics

Today more than ever before, companies are scrutinized to ensure that organizational conduct is honest and ethical. The Sealaska leadership team is committed to conducting business in a way that promotes ethical behavior and legal compliance.  Sealaska’s Compliance and Risk Management Department was established in 2014, to align compliance efforts and organize a risk management program across Sealaska’s companies.   

In 2016, Sealaska updated its Code of Ethics, which is a key component of Sealaska’s compliance program. It provides Sealaska with a common set of guidelines to help reinforce and uphold our values, and:
•    Outlines ethical standards that help guide our decision-making
•    References company policies that support our ethical decisions
•    Provides a list of resources for reporting ethical concerns

The Sealaska Code of Ethics and an Executive Summary can be accessed by employees, shareholders, customers, partners and vendors on Sealaska’s external internet site at

As part of the roll out of the Sealaska Code of Ethics, employees were asked to complete a mandatory online training course called, Tools for an Ethical Workplace. In addition, Sealaska directors were given the opportunity to participate. It is our goal that the training will help employees make better decisions on behalf of Sealaska and shareholders by providing insight into competing pressures affecting daily decisions and practice overcoming the obstacles to doing what is right.

Sealaska places a priority on compliance and ethics, employee training and development. Together all are part of good management practices and good risk management strategies, and will prepare staff to successfully carry out the mission of the organization.

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