Plan Ahead with Stock Will Forms

The Stock Will form (testamentary disposition) is a form shareholders can use to indicate to whom they want their shares to go when they die. On request, Sealaska will assist shareholders to properly complete, sign and have notarized the Testamentary Disposition form.

Sealaska encourages shareholders to complete a Stock Will (Testamentary Disposition). Only about a quarter of shareholders have completed paperwork that will direct Sealaska. In its absence, Sealaska
must rely on the State of Alaska to determine how best to distribute a shareholder’s stock estate. Download and the print a Stock Will form.

Here are a few facts:

  • 22,000 total Sealaska shareholders
  • 5,817 shareholders have completed a stock will or 26.7 percent
  • Of the 5,817 completed stock wills, 3,752 stock wills were completed prior to 2010 (2,065 were completed during 2010–2016)
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