2017 Annual Meeting Webcast

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Annual Meeting of shareholders and interest in the webcast. We know the webcast was difficult for shareholders to access and we are addressing the issues we faced in Hydaburg.

What happened with webcast

  • Webcast run via WIFI network rather than hard wired connection. We understood our webcast traffic would be prioritized on the WiFi, but wasn’t
  • WiFi bandwidth was overloaded
  • As a result, the tower was overloaded the capacity of the cellular network so a backup stream wasn’t working properly either

What happened with MySealaska.com

  • As people were logging in and not seeing the webcast, they began to refresh the page or attempted to log out and log back in. This flood of activity slowed the server down to a crawl causing people trying to login to get page timeouts.  The site didn’t crash but it was so slow that it was largely unavailable.
  • MySealaska bandwidth was constrained due to the low bandwidth and high volume activity.

As a result the entire annual meeting is available on Sealaska’s YouTube channel and can be viewed here.




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