Craig Tribal Association Celebrates Land Into Trust

Sealaska helps Craig Tribal Association celebrate its Land Into Trust application approved in January 2017.

Craig Tribal Association (CTA) held a community celebration in recognition of its Land Into Trust application. CTA’s application was approved by the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs in January 2017 and was the first in Alaska.

Sealaska Director Tate London attended the celebration held, Saturday, August 26, 2017.  Also in attendance were Craig community members, leaders from the Prince of Wales tribes and the Metlakatla Indian Community.

CTA transferred title to land, including the tribal community center and offices, to the federal government to be held in trust for the benefit, use and occupancy of the Tribe. “A primary benefit of placing tribal land into trust with the federal government, is the protection trust status affords,” said London. “Trust lands are exempt from state and local taxation and cannot be taken by the government for public use.  The transfer of land into trust is an important exercise of tribal sovereignty.”

CTA President Clinton Cook Sr. recognized the many contributions of former CTA council member Edward (Sam) K. Thomas Jr. who advocated for trust status and thanked Sealaska for its support.


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