Are You Owed Money? November 27 Is Deadline for Cobell Settlement Claimants

More than 400 Southeast Alaska Native people and estates are listed.

The deadline is fast approaching for claimants in the Cobell vs. Salazar Settlement who are on the “Whereabouts Unknown” list to supply information to the claims administrators. Those Alaska Natives on this list, or their heirs, may be eligible for payments under the settlement. The deadline to file documents for payment is November 27, 2017.


Indian Trust Settlement
P.O. Box 9577
Dublin, OH 43017‑4877

Cobell vs. Salazar was a case brought against the federal government for mismanagement of Indian trust funds. It was settled in 2009 with an award of several billion dollars, and claims administrators are in the final weeks of locating claimants for payments.

Claims administrators have listed a “Whereabouts Unknown” list of Alaska Native claimants, or their estates, at You can go there to see if you or someone you know is on the list. At the website, click on the map under “Whereabouts Unknown: Help Locate Your Record” on the righthand side of the page. For Alaska, the lists are broken down by ANCSA regions.

If you or someone you know is on the list, follow the instructions to be connected with claims administrators. If you have any trouble with the process, you can contact any of the Alaska Legal Services offices for help. (You can find ALSC contact information at

Southeast Alaska Native people and estates that are listed include: (alphabetized by first name)

    Agnes F Johnson

    Agnes M Daniels Estate

    Agnes M Williams Estate

    Agnes Muriel Hewlett Estate

    Albert Johnson Estate

    Albert William Dick Estate

    Alden C Paddock

    Alex Andrews Estate

    Alfred H Gleason Sr Estate

    Alfreda June Lindoff

    Alice Abbott Estate

    Alice May Dubois Estate

    Alice Nakamoto

    Alton G Mcallister Estate

    Alton George Estate

    Amos Wallace Estate

    Amy R Perez Estate

    Amy Taylor Estate

    Andrew G Mckinley Estate

    Andrew Gamble Estate

    Andrew Kitka Estate

    Andrew Peters Estate

    Andrew Scott Estate

    Anicia N Olson

    Anita E Lafferty Estate

    Anita Harriet Gamble

    Anna Ellen Peele Estate

    Anna Fickz Estate

    Anna Marks

    Anna May Breazeale Estate

    Anna Michael

    Anne C Petticrew

    Annie D Lawrence Estate

    Annie Dick Estate

    Annie J Davis

    Annie Johnson Estate

    Annie Klaney

    Annie W Dick

    Archie A Klaney Estate

    Arlene Rosley Hepler Estate

    Armando Arse

    Arthur G Gamble

    Barbara Ann Gaudio Milton Estate

    Barbara Mae Leask Estate

    Barney Gregory Willard Estate

    Beatrice Knudson

    Bernice Applegate Estate

    Bernice Mathilda Thayer Estate

    Bert Dennis Estate

    Bertram N Paul

    Bessie Denny Estate

    Bobby Lee Allen Charles Estate

    Brenda Lee Charles Estate

    Bruce Carl Edenso

    Bruce Enoch Karlson

    Buddy Hooker Estate

    Byron J Paul Estate

    Calvin P Stein Estate

    Charles D Johnson Estate

    Charles Jones

    Charles K Williams Estate

    Charlie Dick Estate

    Charlotte M Vanbrunt Estate

    Cheryl Howard

    Cindy Ballard

    Clarence Henry Moy Estate

    Clarence Raymond Jones

    Clarence Stanley Milton Sr Estate

    Claude Frank Joseph

    Crystal Leeanne Peterson

    Cyrus Eaton Peck Jr

    Cyrus Williams Estate

    Daisy Kovaleski Estate

    Daisy M Peters

    Dallas P Dundas Estate

    Daniel A Wright Estate

    Daniel Bruce Martin

    Daniel White Estate

    Darryl Bruce Sheakley

    David Davis Jr

    Dealva Perkins

    Deborah Ann Dalton

    Deborah Goenett

    Delores Johanna Wilson

    Dennis Allen Lindoff

    Dennis Herbert Gray Estate

    Diana King

    Diana R Fawcett Estate

    Ditlef D Didrickson Estate

    Dolores Wynn Estate

    Donald E Austin Estate

    Donald Mckinnon Estate

    Donna M Foulke

    Doris Mae Hutchinson

    Dorothy Blanche Dennis Estate

    Dorothy Coronell

    Dorothy Derickson

    Dorothy Gail Rose Estate

    Dorothy Mae Meyers Estate

    Dorothy W Jackson Estate

    Edgar Marshall Estate

    Edna Jack Estate

    Edward D Jamestown Estate

    Edward Fox Estate

    Edward H Metz Estate

    Edward Lawrence Hamilton

    Edward Metjay Estate

    Edward T Sarabia

    Edwin E Kasko Estate

    Edwin J Legarde Jr Estate

    Eleanor Carol Gordon

    Elizabeth Cecilia White

    Elizabeth G Murray Estate

    Elizabeth John Estate

    Elizabeth Murphy Estate

    Elizabeth Olson Estate

    Ellen Johnson Estate

    Elmer Russell Johnson Estate

    Elsie Johnson

    Elsie Pratt Estate

    Emily Mernice Johnson Estate

    Eric Don Johnson Estate

    Esther Johnson Estate

    Esther Kitka Estate

    Esther L Hotch Estate

    Esther Lavina Bremner

    Esther Littlefield Estate

    Ethel Hotch Estate

    Eva Blake Estate

    Eva May Ketah Estate

    Eva Renee Villa Estate

    Evelyn Ann Carleson Estate

    Evelyn Littlefield Estate

    Fannie Mckinley Estate

    Flora Boyles

    Flora J Wright Estate

    Florence Donnelly

    Florence Oconnor Estate

    Florence Wright Estate

    Floyd Manuel Kookesh

    Frances Fulmer Estate

    Frances P Wrighthouse Estate

    Frank E Dennis

    Frank G Wright Estate

    Frank Glonnee Johnson Estate

    Frank Howard Estate

    Frank Kitka Estate

    Frank Peratrovich Estate

    Frank Richard Lauth Estate

    Frank See Estate

    Franklin Daniel Demmert Estate

    Franklin P Johnson

    Franklin Robert James

    Fred Hanke Jr Estate

    Frederick Svenson

    Gene D Jorgensen Estate

    George D Benson Estate

    George Dalton Sr

    George Goenett

    George J Katzeek Estate

    George Johnson Estate

    George Larsen Estate

    George P Jones Estate

    George Peter Stevens Estate

    George S Larson

    George Thomas Thomas George

    George Vandal

    Geraldine M Daines

    Geraldine P (Dick) Wallace

    Geraldine P Todd Estate

    Gertrude M Wolfe Estate

    Glenda Laverne Brown

    Harold Patrick Rose Estate

    Harriet H Roberts Estate

    Harvey Bean Marvin Estate

    Hazel Marjorie Bennett Estate

    Hazel Thiemeyer Estate

    Helen L Trout Estate

    Henry Charles Jackson Estate

    Henry Cropley Estate

    Henry Mc Cullough Estate

    Henry Moy Estate

    Herbert C Gray N7

    Herbert Lawson

    Herbert Mercer Estate

    Herman Davis

    Hilda Henrietta See Estate

    Howard Evans Jr

    Howard Hussel Gray

    Howard K Phillips Estate

    Ida Zacharias Estate

    Inokintie F Anderson Estate

    Irene Loling Lampe Estate

    Irvine M St Clair Estate

    Irving Tookak Ungudruk Estate

    Ivan J Mcallister Estate

    Jack P Brown Jr Estate

    Jacob Goenett

    Jacob White Estate

    Jacob Williams Estate

    James Hooker Estate

    James Klushkan Jr Estate

    James R St Clair Estate

    James Shirai

    James Taylor Estate

    Janet Katherine Mcvicar

    Janet Mcvicar

    Jeannette K Casimer

    Jennie Lynch

    Jennie Thomas

    Jennifer Louise Bray Estate

    Jessie George Estate

    Jessie Rinehart

    Jimmy A Merculief

    Jimmy Lee Charles

    Jimmy Nakatak Marks Estate

    Jody I Roberts

    Joe Nakamura Estate

    John A Caruso Estate

    John A Yatchmanoff Estate

    John C Howard Estate

    John C James Estate

    John G Benson

    John Henry Littlefield

    John J Cook Estate

    John J Corwin Estate

    John L Paul

    John Luke Sr Estate

    John Marks Estate

    John Moses

    John N Marvin Sr

    John P Ward

    John R Ellis Estate

    John R Gilbert

    John T Jackson Estate

    Jolene Kimberly Shury

    Joseph Pratt Estate

    Joseph Williams

    Josephine R Lindoff Estate

    Josephine Winders Estate

    Juanita Mccauley Estate

    Judith B George Estate

    Judith E Wright

    Judith Hanson

    Judson E Paul Estate

    Judy Elaine Hepler

    Julia Widmark

    Justina Jackson

    Katherine B Rowan Estate

    Katherine Williams Estate

    Kathryn Hymer Estate

    Katie James Estate

    Kenneth G Merculief

    Kirk James Peterson Estate

    Larry D Hotch Estate

    Larry R Sanders Estate

    Laura Hotch Estate

    Laura Williams

    Lawrence Widmark Jr

    Leo D Dennis Estate

    Leo Dennis

    Lewis E Allen Estate

    Lillian H Grant Estate

    Lillian Marvin Estate

    Lillian O'daniel

    Lillian Pettviel Estate

    Lily Elizabeth White Estate

    Lincoln Wallace Estate

    Linda Edenso Estate

    Linda Edith Karlson Estate

    Lonnie Lindoff Estate

    Lorraine Jeanette Gillis Estate

    Lorraine Phillips Estate

    Louis Anthony Thompson Estate

    Louis F Thomas Estate

    Louis Onee Minard Estate

    Louis Shotridge

    Louis Thadei Estate

    Louise Amy Bradley

    Louise H Benson Estate

    Lucille Boyd

    Lucille R Jones Estate

    Mabel B Panis Estate

    Mack Nakamura Estate

    Mamie Williams Estate

    Margaret A Howard

    Margaret Howard Estate

    Margaret Maggie A John Estate

    Margaret Theresa Stevens Estate

    Marian A Katzeek Estate

    Marie Sylvia Shodda

    Marie W Hall Estate

    Marilyn May Young Estate

    Marjorie B. Adams

    Marjorie Cecelia Garrison Estate

    Marjorie G Hamre Estate

    Martha Jager

    Martin Goenett

    Martin Goenett

    Mary Ann Bruckner

    Mary Anne Merrill

    Mary Diakanoff

    Mary E Denny Estate

    Mary Eureka Foster Estate

    Mary J Judson Estate

    Mary James Estate

    Mary Johnson Judson

    Mary Julaton Estate

    Mary L Jones

    Mary Lanting Estate

    Mary Marge Ward

    Mary Perkins Estate

    Mary S Benson Estate

    Mary Shakes Estate

    Maryrose Elizabeth Paine

    Mathew Lawrence Estate

    Matilda J Lindoff Estate

    Mattie J Hoggard

    May M Moy Estate

    Melvin L James Estate

    Michael Lekanof

    Michael P Wallace

    Mildred F Smith Estate

    Minnie Johnson Estate

    Myrna Jean Dalton Estate

    Nana R Estus Estate

    Nancy Carol Denny

    Nellie Lindoff Estate

    Nick Moses Estate

    Norise J Hanlon Estate

    Norman K Paul

    Norman William Jackson Estate

    Orden Jones

    Patricia A Adams

    Patricia A Williams

    Patricia Johnson Estate

    Patricia Murray

    Paul Johnny Estate

    Paul Wilson

    Pauline Eveline Blackstad Estate

    Pauline Finney

    Pauline Julia Frank Mcfarland

    Pauline R Martin Estate

    Pedro Max Johnson

    Peter Frank Estate

    Peter Kitka Estate

    Peter S Kozeroff

    Phillip Major Estate

    Phoebe Warren Estate

    Rachel Goenett

    Raymond Dick

    Raymond Edwin Paddock Estate

    Reginald Skeek

    Reynold M Denny Estate

    Richard A Siverly Estate

    Richard Borch Estate

    Richard Curtis Nix Estate

    Richard James Stitt Estate

    Richard M Hotch Estate

    Richard W King Estate

    Richard William Cook Estate

    Rita Rae James Estate

    Robert Alan Peterson Estate

    Robert Alan Williams

    Robert B Williams Estate

    Robert D Willard

    Robert Duncan Estate

    Robert J Gleason Estate

    Robert Johnson

    Robert R Young Estate

    Robert S James Estate

    Rodney Willis

    Ronald Boyd Brown

    Rosemarie Ramiskey

    Rosita Edwards

    Ruby Mary Gray

    Ruth G Grant

    Ruth K Lindoff

    Ruth M Kasko Estate

    Sadie E Bogren Estate

    Sadie Hamilton Estate

    Sak Du Kleet Estate

    Sam Gedake Estate

    Sam P Knudson Estate

    Samuel Douglas Estate

    Sarah Dora Shadesty

    Sarah R Cook Estate

    Scotty James

    Selma George Williams Smith Estateserguis F Sheakley

    Sharon R Brockway Estate

    Simon Didrickson

    St Clair Johnson

    Stephen J Bernardo Estate

    Steven C Merculief

    Stuart E H Garrett Estate

    Susan A Burrill

    Susan Didrickson

    Susan Marie Cook

    Susie H James Estate

    Susie J Howard Estate

    Susie Jones

    Susie Shakes Estate

    Susie Shakinaw

    Thomas Ivan Evenson

    Thomas Morris

    Tillie Hope Estate

    Valborg L Braz Estate

    Vera Evans

    Vera M Gilbert

    Veronica Alice Stevens

    Victor Williams

    Vida E Davis Estate

    Viola M Lockhart Estate

    Violet J James Estate

    Violet T Franczewski Estate

    Walter E Natkong Estate

    Walter G Kozeroff

    Walter Mckinnon Estate

    Walter Moy Estate

    Walter S Howard Estate

    Wilfred D Wolfe Estate

    William Allen Milton Sr Estate

    William Billy Davis Estate

    William F Matthews Estate

    William Fred Albert

    William G Wallace Jr Estate

    William George White Estate

    William Hooker Estate

    William J Williams Estate

    William Joseph Estate

    William M Brady Estate

    William Norton Dick

    William Russel Osborne Estate

    William Russell Hamilton Estate

    William Shakinaw

    William T Olsen Estate

    William Tamaree Estate

    William Young

    Willie Johnson Grant

    Willis Harvey Hamilton

    Willis M Peters

    Wilma Staveland

    Yolanda Taylor

    Zina Ballard

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