Salmon Ladders and Weather Balloons: Sealaska Construction Solutions Works In Southeast

Sealaska Construction Solutions, a Sealaska Government Services subsidiary, is working on multiple projects in Southeast Alaska.

Improving the Habitat of Pink and Coho Salmon

Sealaska Construction Solutions has begun reconstruction of the Lena Beach Recreation Area in Juneau, Alaska. Along with building new picnic shelters, aligning and reconstructing the road and improving parking, they will work to improve pink and coho salmon habitat. The existing Picnic Creek fish ladder and culvert will be removed, a 40-foot bridge installed and the creek regraded to improve the habitat. Preparatory work was conducted in the fall to remove trees and an existing shelter. The majority of the work is scheduled for April to August 2018. The site will be closed to the public during construction.


Creating Efficient Weather Service in Yakutat and Annette Island

Weather data gathering is about to get more efficient in two Southeast Alaskan communities - Yakutat and Annette Island. Sealaska Construction Solutions are preparing sites for installation of Autosonde (automatic balloon launcher) equipment. The foundation on Annette Island is pictured above. The equipment will remotely release weather balloons twice daily to collect meteorological data from the upper atmosphere for the National Weather Service. Along with local subcontractors, SCS is working on design, grading, foundations, electrical and fencing for the equipment. SCS recently completed this same kind of work at the National Weather Service offices in Fairbanks and St. Paul.

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