Haa Aani CDFI

What We Do 
The Haa Aaní Community Development Fund, Inc. (HACDF) is a seperate nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that was founded by Haa Aani, LLC in February 2012, and seeded with $500,000. The fund is now $3.5 million and we are continuing to grow. To date, we have awarded eight loans totaling more than $100,000 to Sealaska shareholder entrepreneurs and businesses owners throughout Southeast Alaska. 
We are focused on providing:
  • Small business lending in Southeast Alaska
  • Business planning courses, entrepreneurial and small business training, and one-on-one technical assistance
  • Technical resources, funding and mentoring
How We Do It
The HACDF is a private entity tasked with providing alternative financing structures to shareholder entrepreneurs and business owners in Southeast Alaska to spur economic development and meet the needs of those who might not qualify or may not have access to traditional financing. We serve our rural communities through issuance of capital in the form of small business and micro-loans, and developmental services (technical assistance) that will improve the economic well-being of Native communities.  
On February 2013, HACDF received its 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS, enabling us to seek previously unavailable funding sources as a nonprofit entity. The intent is to grow the capacity of the HACDF so that it can become an economic force within the region and grow the suite of services we are able to provide our clients. 
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Why We Do It 
Southeast Alaska is often referred to as the Inside Passage or Alaska’s Panhandle. Its chain of islands creates a coastline roughly 35,000 square miles in length. Most of the region lies within the boundaries of the Tongass National Forest and receives more than 100 inches of rain each year. Home to 35 distinct communities with just over 73,500 residents, the area is rich with spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and vibrant Native cultures.
After nearly two decades of industry contraction and declining population, the Southeast economy started to recover in 2007. Mining exploration and operations, increasing visitors and cruise ships, government, and increasing employment opportunities in healthcare have contributed to this growth. In fact, the region’s top industries today are seafood, tourism, healthcare and government. However, this growth is not occurring in all communities, especially in our rural areas where we need a renewed commitment to building economic sustainability. It is critical that our shareholders and their families can remain in their home communities and earn a decent living. If they can’t, their only option is to move to an urban center, which threatens our community health and well-being. 
With more members versed in financial literacy and trained in comprehensive business management practices, we are making steps toward a vibrant private sector economy where shareholders are at the helm of their financial destiny will create sustainable jobs and offer a better quality of life within our rural communities.