As a Native enterprise with deep roots to Haa Aaní, Our Land, the obligation to proceed responsibly is at the heart of Sealaska’s minerals program. It is a long-term process involving extensive dialogue and planning.

Minerals Overview
Sealaska has approximately 568,000 acres of subsurface lands in Southeast Alaska. Historically, some of this property has been explored for minerals and has the potential to support small-scale mines. 
We are currently evaluating mineral resources on our lands and how a minerals program would best benefit shareholders and the region, and are in the process of doing a geological reconnaissance to map and evaluate minerals potential on Sealaska property. We will work with communities and mineral companies for additional evaluation. 
Sealaska suspended its previous minerals program because of low interest in exploration and metal prices. As we reported to shareholders in December 2014, Sealaska has seen renewed interest for minerals exploration and have thus revived our program. 
We have concluded after re-evaluating minerals activity in the state that it was an optimal time to engage. As a result, Sealaska has hired a minerals manager.
This is a long-term process involving extensive dialogue and planning. As a Native enterprise with deep roots to Haa Aaní, Our Land, this obligation to proceed responsibly will be at the heart of Sealaska’s minerals program.
Minerals Potential
According to a report published by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, mineral industry employment increased by 416 jobs or 11 percent in 2012. Production employment saw an increase of 10 percent, while development employment increased by almost 27 percent. Advancing a minerals program in the long term has the potential for increased employment opportunities and thriving communities.
Sealaska can only move its minerals program forward alongside community voices and input. This collaboration can have a positive economic impact for the region. Previous minerals mapping on Sealaska lands has indicated the potential for several types of mineral deposits including gold, silver, zinc, copper, iron and rare earth elements (REE).
Sealaska is also committed to responsible development of resources, including environmental safeguards to protect the few acres we have for future generations.
For additional information, please contact Sealaska.