Who We Are

Sealaska's purpose is to strengthen people, culture and homelands. We have strengthened business with culture since 1972. We are a Native institution owned by more than 22,000 shareholders whose core Native values guide all that Sealaska does and represent the rich heritage of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people. We are guided by values to build excellence in our Native enterprise and take action toward our purpose.

Haa Aaní | Íitl’ Tlagáa | Na Yuubm (Our Land)

  • The basis of our collective identity and culture
  • Utilizing the land while protecting for future generations
  • Sustainable relationship with our lands
  • Sustainable community economies

Haa Shuká | Íitl’ Kuníisii | Na Hlagigyadm (Our Past, Present, Future)

Haa Latseen | Íitl’ Dagwiigáay | Na Yugyetga’nm (Our Strength, Leadership)

  • Our collective identity gives us strength
  • Discipline, resilience, perseverance and adaptability
  • Education and training
  • Healthy families and communities

Wooch.Yax | Gu dlúu | Ama Mackshm (Balance, Reciprocity and Respect)

  • Our collective identity relies on spiritual and social balance
  • Institutional partnerships and collaboration
  • People, tribes and organizations working together (Wooch.éen)