Richard Rinehart, Seattle, WA

“My professional goals have always included working for our Native communities and being part of innovative solutions to the issues facing our people and our corporation. Currently, we are working to find opportunities to increase the financial, cultural and community benefit from our land ownership.”

Richard Rinehart  is CEO for Tlingit and Haida Business Corporation. Richard was the former chief financial officer and corporate controller between 2003–2009 and currently serves as chair of the Haa Aaní LLC Board.  Richard has thirty three year experience as a business executive and entrepreneur, including 20 years in private industry prior to working for Sealaska.  Rinehart has a master's degree in business administration from Portland State University.  He began serving on the board in 2013.
Rinehart is one-half Tlingit and one-eighth Haida. Raised in Wrangell, he is Raven, Kiks.ádi, and belongs to the Sun House. His Native name is Du aani Kax Naalei (far from home) which was given to him after living in Oregon for more than 20 years. Richard is also known as Tashee, a name given to him at a kueex in 2014.