Kristi Skaflestad, Champions Among Us

"From the beginning, starting a business in my hometown was like having all the people who have seen my process join Team Kristi. The outpour of support was the boost my brand new business needed." ---Kristi Skaflestad

Chef and entrepreneur Kristi Skaflestad is creating jobs in Hoonah with her restaurant Chipper Fish. She hires Hoonah residents and buys from Hoonah fishermen. Residents and visitors alike rave about the amazing food at Chipper Fish that includes locally caught seafood. Kristi’s success is an inspiration.  

She grew her restaurant with funds from the Haa Aaní Community Development Fund, Inc. (HACDF). Kristi and other small business owners are strengthening our region. HACDF and Sealaska are honored to help and recognize Champions Among Us like Kristi Skaflestad.

Hear Kristi talk about her Salmon Taco