Selina Everson, Champions Among Us

“I feel I’ve come full circle in my life – from forbidden to speak my first language in board school to helping teach young children the basics of the Tlingit language in today’s schools.” --- Selina Everson

Selina Everson fights for Tlingit language and culture preservation. She grew up speaking Tlingit. It was her first language. At school, she was told to speak only English. Ms. Everson broke that rule and courageously spoke Tlingit anyway. Ms. Everson remains a champion for her culture as a Tlingit language teacher. She’s known as “Grandma Selina” by hundreds of children at the school where she teaches.

Sealaska supports champions like Selina Everson. She stands tall for her beliefs, for her culture and for our people. Selina Everson is a champion among us.