Our Waters

At Sealaska, we know this to be true: where there is water, there is life. The cultures of our people are centered around thriving, abundant oceans and waterways — as are our Woocheen family of ocean-health businesses. Woocheen is a world leader in deep-water geosciences and other sustainability efforts, creating tangible positive impacts for both people and planet. We also know that environmental health is inextricably linked to economic health. Thinking green contributes to a more sustainable future for the places we love, as well as the businesses that help support our people.

From deep waters to breaking waves

Woocheen’s expertise in geosciences, remediation and marine and land-based construction is helping to chart new waters for clean energy, environmental cleanup and quality infrastructure. Pollution threatens the health of our oceans and other critical water resources. As we embrace the best of humanity to heal our planet, we lean upon both traditional knowledge and scientific innovation for strategies to restore balance in critical ecosystems.

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Eat fish, save the planet.

Ocean-based foods are good for our bodies and our world. Seafood has significantly lower environmental impact than land-based proteins, and far greater nutritional value. By focusing on sustainable seafood — foods like those that have fed the people of Southeast Alaska for thousands of years — we hope to bring greater awareness to the challenges facing our oceans while leaning on Indigenous wisdom. Fish is good for us, and even better for our planet.

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Woocheen. For people. For planet. Our businesses work to support an ambitious vision for our communities and the world.