Who we are is at the heart of all we do.

Sealaska works to honor the history and legacy of our people — Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian with Southeast Alaska roots — in everything we do.

Our people define how we operate as we strive to best serve our shareholders, communities and environment. Our shared heritage, collective future and a sense of responsibility for each other and our planet guide our way. We find strength in both tradition and adaptation, channeling our power to create change. At Sealaska, this is what makes us who we are.

Though our life’s journeys may lead far from this place, our ancestral homelands will embrace our people forever.

The voices of our people.

We honor the leadership of those who shape our cultures, communities and path forward. These changemakers have always fought for our lands, rights and ways of life, opening the door for generations of powerful advocates to come. Sealaska serves to amplify the voices of our people. We support shareholders’ advocacy priorities, helping support these critical social and political issues at all levels.


Sealaska’s Naxtoo.aat/Wayi Wah/Hágwsdaa (Let’s Go!) policy…

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Supporting Our People.

We believe that lifting the economic prospects of the entire region benefits our shareholders and their children. Sealaska works together with state, federal and local agencies and businesses to protect and lift up our communities’ greatest and most important resources — the oceans, forests and people of Southeast Alaska. Shareholders can connect with Sealaska and find resources, including annual reports, opportunities, forms and more, by visiting our shareholder portal,

Building capacity requires strength across all disciplines.

Empowering shareholders by growing options. At Sealaska, we seek to offer development opportunities in many different capacities to support the ongoing growth and strengthening of our community. From cost-paid vocational and technical trainings to internship and fellowship opportunities both in-region and around the globe, our shareholders benefit from a variety of programming customized to their unique life journey.

We know the path to graduation and beyond starts long before students ever cross the threshold of their high school. Sealaska works to inspire shareholders and their descendants to stay in school and visualize diverse career pathways through a wide range of our own programs. We also work closely with other organizations, supporting the work of community partners also engaging with Alaska Native students and youth.

Helping healthy communities get healthier. A thriving economic sector is as crucial to us as healthy ecosystems and communities are, and we support organizations and shareholders doing this work in their own communities. From bringing leadership teams together to support locally led projects to funding community holiday celebrations, assisting our communities as they grow stronger together.

Sealaska is a for-profit Alaska Native Corporation charged with generating profits and paying dividends to our 26,000 Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian shareholders through our operations and investments. While our investment in shareholders is not limited solely to dividends, Sealaska’s biannual distributions contribute to the economic vitality of our region and beyond. The Deishú Memorial Fund, which provides burial assistance to shareholder families, and elder benefits, for which shareholders are automatically enrolled at age 65, are additional financial benefits Sealaska provides its shareholders.

Creating tangible impacts for those we serve.


million in dividends 2014-2024


internships since the program’s inception


million in scholarships 2014-2024
Growing stronger together.

At Sealaska, we are diverse yet interconnected, each bringing different perspectives, experiences and personalities to the table. But we share a common goal: building success for the people we serve as we are guided by Indigenous values.

Our strategic partnerships are similarly chosen for their alignment with what we believe in, organizations that put our environment, people and collective growth above all else. Sealaska funds and works closely with Sealaska Heritage Institute, Spruce Root and the Sustainable Southeast Partnership to strengthen our communities, while maintaining positive relationships with community partners across the region and state.

We support each other, operating with the recognition that for this work to work, we must come together for the betterment of people and planet.

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Join Sealaska. The right people help guide our path forward.