Our future is built on collaboration.

Sealaska’s mission is to strengthen people, culture and homelands—but we can’t accomplish this alone. We rely deeply on the impact of contributions made by our partners and the collaborative, community-focused work they each do. Sealaska’s vision for the future is built on collaboration and the collective strength we find when we share generously, come together in humility and mutual respect, and learn from each other’s setbacks and achievements. We’ve been purposefully building the infrastructure to realize this vision for decades.

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Partners make progress possible

First came Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI). Since its founding, Sealaska was entrusted with protecting Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian culture while strengthening the “container of wisdom” left by our Elders. To this end, Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) was established in 1980 to support and perpetuate our region’s cultures.

Learn more about all SHI has to offer here.

Sealaska founded Spruce Root in 2012 to improve the regional economy by supporting locally grown businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs with loan capital, training, education and other resources. Together, these programs support both new and existing businesses in Southeast Alaska and empower business owners through increased self-sufficiency.

Explore Spruce Root’s exciting programs for growth here.

Also in 2012, Sealaska became an active partner in the Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP), a network of organizations and people working to foster an Indigenous-led approach to community, social and economic development in Southeast Alaska. Through the SSP, organizations from across the region come together to strengthen cultural, ecological, and economic resilience.

Discover the SSP’s network of support here.

Stronger together

We believe these and other community-led partnerships are the key to accomplishing great things for our shareholders, communities and world. This system of connections and partners is boundless, and we would like to extend an open invitation to any interested values-aligned entity to join this critical work. At Sealaska, we continually strive to build a self-sustaining network of support throughout Southeast Alaska, driven by the voices and priorities of our shareholders. And yes, there’s always room at our table for one more.