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Causeway Geotech to Join Sealaska’s Ocean Health Business Platform

Irish company will expand global geosciences capabilities

Roto-sonic drilling at Scapa Flow, Orkney – January 2022

June 28, 2022 (Seattle, WA)—Sealaska and Causeway Geotech Limited, one of the leading independent ground-investigation contractors in Ireland and the United Kingdom, today announced Causeway is becoming part of Sealaska’s ocean-health business platform.

Run through a Seattle-based company called Woocheen, Sealaska’s ocean-health businesses tackle the challenges facing Earth’s oceans in a variety of ways: supporting sustainably managed fisheries around the world, applying geotechnical expertise that keeps waters clean, and supporting the generation of energy from offshore wind. The merger expands Woocheen’s global capabilities and enables Causeway to bring its land and marine geotechnical skill beyond Ireland and the UK to the rest of the world.

“Sealaska’s vision is hugely exciting, and to be part of the journey is a position of privilege,” said Causeway Director Darren O’Mahony. “Our marine ground-investigation capabilities will be expanded, and our ability to move from nearshore to offshore waters will be developed to increase our market share in the offshore wind sector while continuing to serve our customers on land.”

Causeway joins Gregg Drilling, CS Marine, digital and data companies MBS and Cognitell, and Woocheen’s Marine Services and other construction functions to enhance Woocheen’s hydro sciences business. Sealaska bought Chessington, UK-based New England Seafood International in 2020 and brought Iceland’s Icemar and AG Seafood into its sustainable seafood group earlier this year. Causeway’s current owners are retaining ownership stakes.

“Infrastructure development is huge in Europe, and Causeway Geotech has proven itself as a company that maintains tremendous integrity and quality while sustaining steady growth,” said Terry Downes, Woocheen’s CEO. “Causeway is perfectly aligned with our aim to build a global organization where skilled people with a passion for our oceans have the freedom and support to do incredible things.”

Causeway Director Ciaran Doherty underscored the important role the company’s people play.

“Setting up Causeway and growing it to be the company it is today has been very challenging at times, but with the hard work and dedication from our employees, it is now a strong and stable company, seen as the leader in ground investigation in the Irish market,” Doherty said. “We feel that Sealaska, given its origin and history, shares many of the same values as ourselves — trying to give opportunities to people to make a good living for themselves and their families, rewarding hard work and respecting each other. I see this as an opportunity to reward and thank people for their effort to date.” 

Causeway’s leadership team and staff will continue in their roles, and the Causeway brand will remain independent.

“We want to be at the forefront of the ground-investigation sector, not just in Ireland and the UK, but on the global stage,” O’Mahony said. “The extensive support, sector experience and leadership that the Sealaska merger will afford us will let us realize those aspirations.

Learn more about how these organizations are bringing skill and passion for people and planet to ocean health work here.


Sealaska is an Alaska Native regional corporation for Southeast Alaska, formed under federal law in 1971. With more than 23,000 shareholders of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian background, its purpose is to strengthen its people, culture and homelands. Profits from Sealaska’s businesses directly support Alaska Native communities with scholarships, economic opportunity, revitalization of Indigenous culture and language, and more. Learn more at


As Sealaska’s ocean-health platform, Woocheen has built a $500 million business by seeking out and bringing together creative problem solvers. Its companies are tackling the challenges facing Earth’s oceans in a variety of ways: supporting sustainably managed fisheries around the world, applying geotechnical expertise that keeps waters clean, and supporting the generation of energy from offshore wind. Other environmental benefits of its work include setting aside 176,000 acres of forested lands in Southeast Alaska to be managed for the purpose of carbon sequestration for the next 100 years. Learn more at


Established in 2012, Causeway Geotech Limited has rapidly grown to become the largest ground investigation contractor in Ireland. Operating from headquarters in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, and a second office in Dublin, Ireland, it delivers a broad range of services to inform geotechnical and environmental conditions of sites throughout Ireland and Great Britain. Since its formation, the company has grown from just eight staff members to a team of more than 100 staff and more than twenty drilling crews. Causeway’s commitment to investing in people and fostering integrity, communication, honesty and responsibility have fueled its considerable growth and success. Learn more at