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End-of-year message from President and CEO Anthony Mallott
Mallott pictured at Cannon Beach, Yakutat in 2022, while volunteering as a childrens’ surf coach with Yakutat Surf Club.

Dear Shareholders,

Serving Sealaska has been one of my life’s great honors, and I am filled with gratitude for the years we have spent together, through my nine years of service as president and CEO and the eight years prior as your chief investment officer. In the weeks since my departure was announced, I have been humbled by your kindness and resolve to keep working together toward our collective future. Sealaska has been an important part of my life as far back as I remember, as I was fortunate to be inspired by so many of our strong leaders who set the responsibility to care for our shareholders and communities. Through countless generations, our Elders and ancestors forged a path toward a hopeful future we walk each day — I have always been, and will continue to be, inspired by their wisdom and guidance.

Since Sealaska’s incorporation in 1972, Sealaska leadership endeavors to honor our ancestors’ legacy, working together to strengthen Native people and our cultures and homelands. This work is older than living memory, as our people have called Southeast Alaska home for more than 10,000 years. Our ancestors’ ownership of Haa Aaní — our land — is foundational to Sealaska’s continued existence.

In 2010, esteemed Elders from across the region bestowed four core cultural values upon Sealaska, offering definition and examples of use that provided a pathway for us to live into the values. These values act as pillars that have informed strategy and helped articulate decisions and actions moving forward: Haa Aaní | Íitl’ Tlagáa | Na Yuubm, Our Land; Haa Shuká | Íitl’ Kuníisii | Na Hlagigyadm, Our Past, Present and Future; Haa Latseen | Íitl’ Dagwiigáay | Na Yugyetga’nm, Our Strength and Leadership; Wooch.Yax | Gu dlúu | Ama Mackshm, Balance, Reciprocity and Respect. These are timeless values that will offer teachings and cultural understanding and — most importantly — beneficial use for us forever.

This deep, unwavering commitment to our cultural values contributes to our resiliency, our ability to adapt, informs our intimate and symbiotic relationship with the environment, drives our work toward sustainable cultural ecosystems, and our commitment to protect our institutions and lands for future generations. Sealaska translates and applies these values in all that we do, emulating them in decision-making and with employees and shareholders at all levels.

Shareholders, communities and partners work with Sealaska to deliver on commitments rooted in our values. It is up to all of us to ensure we follow the path our values guide us on, and stay resolved to:

  • Informed, values-based decision making, which ensures progress and stability across all of our corporate and community initiatives.
  • Commitment to carry this knowledge and values system forward, broadening its use across our shareholder base, communities and society as a whole. The great work of Sealaska Heritage exemplifies this commitment as they endeavor to revitalize our languages, cultures and arts, creating a myriad of benefits for our shareholders among many others
  • Our commitment to place, led by our 10,000-year history in Southeast Alaska, remains a profound anchor. Utilizing our values is a commitment to creating sustainability within our traditional communities and the entire environment, land and water, that encompasses our homelands.
  • Our strategic pathway, where the growth of aspirational visions including ocean health and the health and well-being of our people and communities, inspire us to utilize our values in everyday work. The vision and values grow as our shareholders’ voice and priorities are included in our work.
  • Working together, throughout Sealaska and beyond. Our growing partnerships, with institutions and their leaders who share our vision of thriving people and communities, have created momentum not previously realized.
  • Continual learning and growth, exploring knowledge, capacity and opportunity across the world provides greater benefit back home in Southeast Alaska. Continual learning is a historical cornerstone of our culture and offers all of us the chance to become experts and knowledge holders within all our activities and livelihoods.

To these and more, Sealaska pledges our commitment.

Our values and purpose set us apart, helping Sealaska attract talented employees and business partners who believe in the same things we do. From this place of strength comes unique expertise, enhanced knowledge and competitive advantages, that drive advancement toward our vision.

As your corporation, Sealaska strives to live up to these values, led by the guidance of our Elders. I am personally moved by every engagement with our Elders, as they have shared their wisdom so generously, with thought and care toward building upon our past. In particular, I am grateful for the counsel of Paul Marks and the late David Katzeek, for their unwavering support of Sealaska and willingness to work with us to operationalize our precious values. Their wish was that Sealaska’s success would drive recognition of the power of our values, catalyzing all our people and beyond to set forth on their own values journey.

I hold deep appreciation and respect for the dedicated employees across Sealaska and its operating companies, whose work honors our ancestors and predecessors, contributing to progress toward Ocean Health and Community Health. And I know their powerful work will continue. My confidence in our shared future is strong because:

  • Our shareholders will light our way forward;
  • Our board remains hardworking, strategic and reflective;
  • Our Elders will always guide us with their wisdom and love;
  • Our youth continue to prepare for their work toward a brighter tomorrow;
  • Our partners remind us we do not walk this path alone;
  • And our inspired employees work tirelessly to serve our businesses, shareholders and communities.

I look forward to seeing Sealaska grow this work within our communities to foster collaboration and sustainability. Working together in trust amongst partners will create the greatest progress toward the vision of success that our communities are painting for themselves. I treasure all the relationships I have been privileged to create in my time at Sealaska, as they have provided me with inspiration, growth and care. I have great trust in our current and future leaders, who leave me with no doubt that Sealaska’s best days are still before us.

Anthony Gunnuk’ Mallott
President & CEO
2014 – 2023

Mallott pictured at Cannon Beach, Yakutat in 2022, while volunteering as a childrens' surf coach with Yakutat Surf Club.


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