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Full Spring 2023 Community Meeting Schedule

Shareholders, let’s meet at upcoming in-person community meetings! In the most recent shareholder survey, shareholders across the nation expressed the want to connect in-person and virtually. We heard you, and plan on visiting a community near you this spring! Connect with fellow shareholders at Sealaska’s community meetings. Sealaska shareholders are invited to join us to learn more about Sealaska business operations, upcoming opportunities, and connect with fellow shareholders and descendants. Community meetings offer a chance to connect with the Sealaska Board of Directors, Shareholder Relations & Development and leadership. 2023 is Sealaska’s first year back to a full schedule of in-person community meetings since 2019, as 2020-2022 were cancelled because of the pandemic. During our last round of in-person meetings in 2019, Sealaska visited Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, Kake, and Hydaburg in addition to Juneau, Seattle, Anchorage, and Ketchikan. Sealaska visits “hub” communities every year and smaller communities every other or every third year, striving to balance cost with ensuring that we are able to visit as many communities as possible.  Shareholders can also meet with and learn more about this year’s board-endorsed and independent candidates, learn more about Sealaska’s elections process and even vote their proxy. We encourage all shareholders to get all the information they need to vote their proxy at the earliest opportunity – voting your proxy by June 2 will qualify you for one of our early bird prizes! 

 All shareholders who vote their proxy before June 22 will qualify for a $50 voting incentive, along with the following annual meeting prizes:


For those shareholders who are unable to join us in person for the Annual Meeting in Klawock, join us on the webcast via MySealaska and qualify for one of the following webcast prizes:  

Follow us on Facebook in the coming weeks for community specific event details. Each meeting will have a event page where you can learn more about individual event details and RSVP. We hope to see you there!