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Law Student Finds Support, Connection with Sealaska
Jess Johnson, 2022 Sealaska Scholarship recipient.

“Knowing Sealaska is rooting for me is much more meaningful than just the money.” 

This spring, look for stories from some of Sealaska’s scholarship recipients. Each student is on a different path, with diverse personal, academic and professional goals. Sealaska believes in their dreams. By helping to further the education of these future leaders, we are investing in our people’s shared future.  

Jess Johnson is currently finishing up her second year of law school at Syracuse University. She plans to focus on intellectual property law upon graduating and passing the bar and is taking engineering classes in addition to her already-heavy law school load in hopes of boosting her knowledge across both areas. Johnson said she has found her pursuit of a law degree fulfilling beyond simply studying to become a lawyer.  

“Learning how to think, how to question – that sort of big concept stuff, learning how to analyze something, training your mind to think a certain way – I’ve really enjoyed that aspect of my education,” said Johnson.  

Johnson has also found meaning in the support she received from Sealaska, she said, feeling inspired by the confidence her corporation has in her. For her, the recognition means even more than the financial support.  

“It gives me an extra boost, that stamp of approval from my corporation,” she said. “Knowing my people think I’ll get through it, that I’ll be just fine – it’s meaningful. Knowing Sealaska is rooting for me is much more meaningful than just the money.” 

Johnson is a former Sealaska intern. During her internship, she observed legal research for a patent for one of Sealaska’s marine engineering businesses. The project inspired her to pursue patent law as a path toward making a difference for both people and planet, a goal which Sealaska shares. 

“If I could use any sort of engineering or environmental law and take what I’ve learned to have a positive impact on the world, I think that would be amazing,” Johnson said.  

About Sealaska’s Scholarship Program 

Sealaska is dedicated to advancing the opportunities of our people through access to higher education and vocational training. The Sealaska scholarship program serves shareholders and descendants enrolled full or part time in vocational-technical programs and accredited colleges and universities. To date, Sealaska has committed $26.5 million to its scholarship fund and awards 400-plus scholarships per year. For full program information and eligibility requirements, please visit