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Sealaska Celebrates, Continues Support as Peltola is Sworn In

Sealaska applauds historic milestone while encouraging voters to choose Peltola again in November’s race

Sealaska celebrates as Alaska’s new – and sole – member of Congress Mary Peltola is sworn in today to serve out the remainder of former Congressman Don Young’s term. Sealaska endorsed Peltola ahead of the special-election primary and continues to encourage Alaskans to rank her first in November’s general election for a full two-year term beginning in January.

“We always push people to get out the vote because our voice matters, and in this election, our voice matters more than ever,” said Sealaska board chair Joe Nelson. “Alaskans are ready for leadership that works for all of us. Mary has a track record of success in bringing the best of our state forward, together, and of working hard for working people. She will do what is right for Alaska.”

With 10 years of experience in the Alaska State Legislature under her belt, including eight years as chair of the bipartisan Bush Caucus, Peltola brings a strong policy background and a reputation for collaboration to the seat – both crucial in advancing issues important to Alaskans. She shares Sealaska’s vision and values: supporting traditional ways of life; finding balance and advocating for responsible, sustainable development; and working together towards innovative solutions to the challenges facing Alaska and Alaska Native people.

She is also the first Yup’ik, first Alaska Native and first woman to represent Alaska in Congress.

The general election for the two-year term will be held on Tuesday, November 8, giving Alaskans the opportunity once more to rank Congressional candidates – including Peltola – in order of preference.

“Our future looks bright, thanks to Alaskan leaders like Mary,” said Nelson. “As a state, we need leadership that takes the long view. She is exactly the kind of leader we need to move Alaska forward.”

In addition to urging further support for Peltola, Sealaska encourages voters to verify that their voter registration information is current, make a voting plan for election day and share the importance of voting with family members and other loved ones ahead of the November 9 election.

“Your votes helped make history in the special election,” said Nelson. “Thank you for making that possible. And thank you in advance for keeping up the momentum, bringing everyone out to the polls in November for Mary, so we can make history once again. We are shaping our future.”