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Sealaska Reaches 24,000 Shareholders

Sealaska warmly welcomes new shareholders while maintaining commitment to original shareholder base

Sealaska reached an important milestone on Tuesday, August 23: 24,000 shareholders. In June, a majority of Sealaska shareholders approved a resolution to eliminate the blood quantum requirement for shareholder enrollment, enabling lineal descendants of original shareholders – regardless of their blood quantum percentage – to enroll. Sealaska proudly welcomes new shareholders while remaining committed to fostering growth within our base of original shareholders.

“It is my hope that every new shareholder is just as excited to belong to Sealaska as we are to have them enroll,” said Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott. ”Though the number of shareholders has grown, our dedication to providing shareholder benefits and opportunities for all shareholders – whether they have been with us for five months, five years, or five decades – remains the same.”

In addition to spring and fall shareholder dividends, Sealaska offers numerous benefits to shareholders as well as educational, workforce and career development opportunities, trainings and community partnerships through OneSealaska and Woocheen business networks. To ease hardship on grieving families, Sealaska offers burial assistance through the Deishú Memorial fund. Upon turning 65, original shareholders also receive Elder Benefits, which include a one-time payment from the Elders’ Settlement Trust along with 100 shares of Class E (Elder) Stock.

“Sealaska’s investment in shareholder benefits goes far beyond just dividends,” said Mallott. “Aligning benefit programs with shareholder priorities is key to ensuring we meet shareholders where the need is, and where their hearts are.”

Sealaska has 24,015 enrolled shareholders as of August 29, 2022, with 986 descendant enrollments since the 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 25.