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Sealaska Shareholder Participation Committee Offers New Opportunity for Youth

At Sealaska, we believe that youth are the future. That’s why we’re introducing a new opportunity for young people to get involved in what we do and make an impact for our businesses, communities, and the lands and waters we call home.

Sealaska is now accepting applications for youth members of the Shareholder Participation Committee (SPC). The SPC was established in 2019 as a way to strengthen shareholder engagement with Sealaska, and is made up of shareholders representing the interests of three regions—Southeast Alaska, other Alaska, and outside Alaska.

SPC members meet with Sealaska leadership on a regular basis to discuss and advocate for the needs and interests of shareholders in their region. Youth members of the SPC will serve as the next-gen voice on behalf of Sealaska’s growing and evolving shareholder base, sharing their perspective and using their voice to help shape a thriving future for our Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people.

Interested in applying? Here’s the eligibility requirements for youth SPC members:

  • 18-25 years of age
  • Have signed up for a MySealaska account
  • Hold at least one share of Class A, B, C stock and/or own Class D stock
  • Based in and motivated to represent shareholders in one of the following areas:
    • Southeast Alaska
    • Other Alaska
    • Outside Alaska (lower 48 and Hawaii)
  • Have not been convicted, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, of a felony within five years of applying to serve
  • Have not been found, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, to have engaged in fraud or illegal business practices, or to have breached a confidentiality agreement with the corporation
  • Is not a director or employee of Sealaska, or an immediate family member of a director, management, or staff member of Sealaska; or a director, management, or staff member of a Sealaska subsidiary or nonprofit affiliate

Do you or a young person you know seem like a good fit? Here’s how to apply:

Interested shareholders must submit a completed application to Sealaska on or before the date of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 24, 2023, explaining why they wish to become youth SPC members and describing what qualities or skills they possess that they believe would be beneficial in serving Sealaska shareholders. If you are eligible and interested in becoming a member, please complete and submit the application to Sealaska by the June 24 deadline.

SPC members generally serve staggered, three-year terms that begin at the time of selection and expire at the Annual Meeting three years later. To maximize participation and allow as many shareholders as possible to get involved, members who have served a term of two or more years must wait six years before being eligible to serve again.

SPC members are compensated $200 per day for each regularly scheduled meeting, and are reimbursed for transportation and other reasonable expenses associated with attendance. Members also receive travel opportunities to attend shareholder events alongside Sealaska.

Helping our people reach their full potential is important to Sealaska. We are proud to help unlock that potential and prepare our children to lead a thriving region and economy. Our investment in youth also includes the Board Youth Advisor, internship and scholarship programs. Learn more and apply for youth opportunities at 

For questions, email senior director of corporate communications, Matt Carle at