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Sealaska Welcomes New Shareholders With Virtual Orientation Session

Since the elimination of the blood quantum requirement in June 2022, Sealaska has welcomed over 2,100 new shareholders. Sealaska hosted a virtual shareholder orientation to provide our new shareholders with more information on Sealaska, as well as what to expect as a shareholder moving forward. Board Chair Joe Nelson served as the host and was joined by President and CEO Anthony Mallott, Enrollment Team Lead Vanessa Allen and Senior Director of Shareholder Development Tesla Cox.  

After a warm welcome by Nelson, Mallott opened the session by providing a comprehensive overview of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) and the land claims that led to the incorporation of Sealaska. Allen followed with a step-by-step guide of the enrollment process. The enrollment application can be found here. Cox offered new shareholders an overview of the many exciting opportunities Sealaska has to offer, including Sealaska summer internships (application deadline January 23) and our new international internship program, Sealaska Abroad (application deadline February 10).  

The event closed with a shareholder Q&A session with questions asked by new shareholders in the Facebook and Zoom chat rooms along with a James Johnson designed Vans – Emily J. Nelson 

Winners will be contacted directly. All cash prizes will be deposited to the account or mailing address where you receive your dividends. 

We enjoyed the opportunity to connect with shareholders and appreciate all those who participated in the orientation event. Once again, welcome to Sealaska!