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Special KISFP crew member serves as important reminder that anything is paws-ible when we work together

by Communications Intern Alana Walkush

Forest and stream restoration is hard work. And one Klawock Indigenous Stewards Forest Partnership (KISFP) participant in particular has been working his tail off this season. Ziggy the dog has found his calling with the KISFP crew and their restoration work this summer, making himself right at home at the job site each day. Sealaska Director of Shareholder Development Tesla Cox had the privilege of meeting Ziggy in the field during a recent trip with some of Sealaska’s interns to Prince of Wales. 

“He shows up on time every day, he barks up all the right trees and he ends every day doggone tired, just like the rest of the crew,” she said. “Ziggy is the perfect example of why forest partnerships like KISFP are so successful: it takes all our hands to be good stewards of our lands. No matter what skills you have, what path you are on, if you have two legs or four, if you care about the forests of our homelands and are willing to show up and put in the work, there is a place for you — and you are needed.” 

Ziggy and the rest of the KISFP crew warmly welcomed the intern group and shared stories about Ziggy’s exceptional dedication to their work — once he gets going, he’s like a dog with a bone. They spoke of his punctuality, always showing up for work on time, and his innate ability to sense when to stay out of harm’s way during dangerous tasks. But, above everything, his incredible willingness to just show up and bring boundless energy and enthusiasm every day truly touched their hearts and made him an honorary member of the KISFP crew.   

Their mission to restore balance to forests and watersheds that nourish their communities resonates deeply, drawing together the people of Klawock, Sealaska, the intern group, Ziggy, and beyond, in support of the forests and streams that nurture our people — and their animal family members.  

Sealaska is proud to work together with other local and regional organizations as a partner of KISFP. Read about the work being done by KISFP this summer here, or learn more about Indigenous forest partnerships like KISFP here.