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Sealaska Scholarship Gives Confidence Boost to Shareholder Recipient

“I know they believe in me and they want to continue to see me succeed.”

This spring, look for stories from some of Sealaska’s scholarship recipients. Each student is on a different path, with diverse personal, academic and professional goals. Sealaska believes in their dreams. By helping to further the education of these future leaders, we are investing in our people’s shared future.

Nirvana Ramos is pursing a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a strategic and organizational communication concentration. With support from Sealaska scholarships, she earned an associate degree in 2020, a Bachelor’s degree in 2021 and anticipates receiving her Master’s degree this winter.

“Receiving a Sealaska scholarship award is a confidence boost,” said Ramos. “It reminds me that the Sealaska scholarship selection committee thinks I’m doing well. I know they believe in me and they want to continue to see me succeed.”

Ramos said she has already found immediate application for the new skills she has learned through her degree program in her work at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), where she works as the training and development manager. She is responsible for leadership development programs, new hire orientations, internship programs, professional development trainings and educational assistance programs.

“What I am learning in my classes is often something I can apply to the leadership programs I oversee,” said Ramos. “So there is an immediate aspect there – I learn things that can add value to my work and help the people I work with on their professional or personal development journeys.”

Increasing her education will help her on-paper and educational experience match the skills she has earned professionally over the years.

“Getting this degree opens up opportunities for me – whether it’s to advance within my organization or pursue something new at a different organization or even start my own business. While we all agree experience is very valuable, a lot of the time, having the degree helps with recognition of your skills and expertise.”

About Sealaska’s Scholarship Program

Sealaska is dedicated to advancing the opportunities of our people through access to higher education and vocational training. The Sealaska scholarship program serves shareholders and descendants enrolled full or part time in vocational-technical programs and accredited colleges and universities. To date, Sealaska has committed $26.5 million to its scholarship fund and awards 400-plus scholarships per year. For full program information and eligibility requirements, please visit