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Sealaska Scholarship Recipient Follows her Dreams

“It’s never too late to follow your dreams!”

This summer, look for stories from some of Sealaska’s scholarship recipients. Each student is on a different path, with diverse personal, academic and professional goals. Sealaska believes in their dreams. By helping to further the education of these future leaders, we are investing in our people’s shared future.

Heather Davis, 2022 Sealaska Scholarship recipient

Heather Davis graduated from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in International Business. Davis is a former Sealaska employee and received Sealaska scholarships to help support her education. She is the first person in her family to graduate from college. But Davis didn’t just graduate – she excelled, and was singled out for recognition upon graduation for her outstanding performance in the Global Business cohort.

“Working alongside so many smart, talented people during my time at Sealaska was one of my inspirations in going back to school,” said Davis. “To know that I had the scholarship and the support from Sealaska – I was very grateful.”

After putting family first for many years, Davis felt like it was time to pursue her own dream of returning to school and graduating from college. While she had extensive hands-on experience in the business world, she hoped the education component could help elevate her to the next level professionally.

“My education has given me a more formalized knowledge of what I see around me on a daily basis in the workplace, helping me gain more insight and appreciation into the business world,” she said.

Davis hopes to get back into the human resources field, specifically putting her degree’s concentration in international business to use at one of the multinational businesses in the Seattle area, where she currently makes her home.

Her advice to current and future college students?

“Apply to all scholarships, anything that you’re qualified for. Even if you don’t get it, you won’t regret trying – and you might surprise yourself. I’d like to encourage anyone who is considering it to go back to school – it’s never too late to follow your dreams!”

Sealaska awards hundreds of merit-based scholarships to both full- and part-time students each year. We believe in empowering our future leaders by investing in their education. To date, Sealaska has awarded approximately 11,000 scholarships totaling over $20 million. For the 2022-2023 school year, Sealaska proudly granted scholarships totaling $1,166,227 to 426 awardees. We look forward to seeing what their futures hold!